Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Updating this Dusty Vagina of a Blog

Welcome back Antimino heads! I thought it was about time to revive something that was the shit back in 2006-2007. No, not MySpace. Your boy's got some ideas, so I'll lay them on you the next few days.

You might be asking yourself, "Why are you updating the blog after all this time? Let it FUCKING DIE!!" First off, you need to chill the fuck out. Relax knowing that Antichrist & Minotaur Man is good-hearted fun that doesn't force any agenda on you like some other media (the movie Must Love Dogs).

My hope is that those privy to the blog enjoy its content. I don't expect posts to get as many hits as juicy online news such as "Hamburger heiress Wendy flashes major Baconator exiting limo."

Time has passed since the last blog post, and I feel it's appropriate to note some of the major events that have occurred during that span:

1) The Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series.

2) The first Taco Bell/Pizza Hut/City Hall opened. Drive-thru Quickie Annulments with a side order of cinnamon twists.

3) Years of interracial breeding has produced a race of super humans; all looking like Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah. Across the world they are dominating regular humans, especially on the glass.

Alright, maybe the last two aren't true, but I'll be damned if revisionist historians take away the first one from me! Now if you excuse me I'd like to finish the book I've been reading, "Slave and Master Relations: As Friendly as Lethal Weapon (with Foreword 'How Elvis Invented the Blues')"