Monday, March 10, 2008

Landmarks in Television: "Siskel, Ebert, & an Autistic Kid at The Movies"

by Antichrist

Before "Siskel & Ebert at The Movies" cemented a critic duo as the ideal format for television, a third member was tested for one episode only. That episode was the television debut for "Jimmy the Autistic Kid."

Roger Ebert: Based on a true story, Night Crossing features John Hurt and Beau Bridges in an instant Disney Classic.

Gene Siskel: Two families traveling from East to West Germany in a hot air balloon, during the days of the Berlin Wall. They faced pitfalls along the way, that in my opinion became increasingly more boring. I'll pose this question to Jimmy, how much action can really happen in a hot air baloon?

Jimmy: ......

Roger Ebert: Speechless, much as I was with Bridges' stellar performance. Don't we all want Beau Bridges to be our dad? A heartwarming film, I give it a thumbs up.

Gene Siskel: Okay movie, but just a bit too German for me. I'll give it a thumbs down. Jimmy you'll have to break the tie.

Jimmy: ......

Roger Ebert: Jimmy again has nothing to add, but look at that intricate pattern of blocks he's built.

Jimmy: .....

Gene Siskel: Having an autistic kid may not have been the best idea for dialogue, but that block pattern is marvelous.

Jimmy: 1 in 150 kids are diagnosed with autism.

Roger Ebert: Hey, wait a minute!!

Jimmy: Night Crossing was the sheeit.

Roger Ebert: Damn you being an idiot savant at faking autism!