Thursday, May 17, 2007

Troops Denied Myspace

This post is livicated to our brave soldiers - AC Link

When accessing the Defense Department's network, soldiers have been banned from going on certain sites like myspace, youtube, pandora, and mtv. What teenager would want to join the army now? Who could fight without knowing songs that sounded like songs you like. Or even more importantly, would you have confidence going against enemies, when you don't know that Flea Market Montgomery is just like, is just like a mini-mall.

Unfortunately, they didn't block blogger, so I still have the competition from the front line, attracting all the girls that dig a guy in uniform. More specifically, one of the US army. Which sucks because I was going to take pics of myself wearing a uniform a borrowed; my neighbor's WWII Nazi attire.

Banning their blogs would be a more logical choice. I rarely visit the 13 sites that they blocked (YouTube, Metacafe, IFilm, StupidVideos, FileCabi, MySpace, BlackPlanet, Hi5, Pandora, MTV,, live365, Photobucket). Well, you don't have valuable information to share, you say. Through a series of hidden messages (mainly the word tranny), I've helped Ethiopia in their conflict with Somalia.

Will soldiers become more productive now that they can't get their myspace fix? I think some will experience withdraw symptoms; those that aren't members of facebook, anyway.


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