Saturday, May 12, 2007

Party Idea: Trannies

I think the best ideas are the ones that are first pitched with: Ok, before you say anything, hear me out.

After seeing enough (my favorite word used as a substitute for a number you don't want to divulge) Maury episode with trannies, I'm aware of how fun it is to see people getting tricked. The fact that I would get about half of the 'man or woman' quizzes wrong, is the reason why my friends don't let me down a Vietnamese side street alone with a fist full of 5 dollar bills.

First invite the trannies to your party. Ideally you would know a few. Then you can tell the people that you want to be in on it. This would be a party where you would want to invite your mortal enemy. Keep in mind it is unlikely to get David Faustino on short notice.

All the rest is gravy. Fun should ensue, unless David Faustino walks in and asks why there are a bunch of trannies at the party you said was off the hizzy fo shizzy (the only way you could get him to come, as well as saying you invited a cameraman from The Insider).


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