Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bills Rap

Written in class, and with class

You let analysis cause paralysis
Diddy told your he mastered this
I'll cast your wrist
Cut up your D like Steve Tasker did
Or Lorena Bobbit
Who went crazy when she read the Hobbit
And did some violent shit like Wallace & Gromit
Breaking through the line like Thurman Thomas
On a split belly
Juking out defenders, the hand-off from Jim Kelly
Hook up more collabs than Ghost and Trife
Known to score more than Moulds and Price
Slash up your crew, you know I'm right
How I'm like OJ, I hold the knife

Every minute I try to slay thee
Ghosts that tear my confidence,
Like the knee of McGahee
Your records - I'll top them
With the pinpoint accuracy of JP Losman
And the speed of Bledsoe
Careers dead though
He led those, boys to the cemetery
But not until they fumbled at the hands of Travis Henry

P.S.: Bills Suck


Blogger Goat Singer Of Alpha Centauri said...

This boy's still got it. Wallace & Gromit are the embodiment of violence.

p.s. fucka travis henry, and that dude on the ravens that fumbled and let the motha fuckin patriots win.

6:11 AM  

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