Friday, March 30, 2007

Round Table Discussion

by Antichrist

Welcome back readers. I failed you, providing no funny, relevant blog posts for two whole weeks. This one may not be relevant, but I'm not in that kind of mood. In this round table discussion, you will find a dialogue between myself, General Winfield Scott, John Wesley Posey, Hank Williams Sr., and James Naismith. The topic of discussion will be a random Wikipedia article. Go!

Carl: Welcome back team. To start off the discussion, I'd like to know what everybody thought about our trip to Stade d'Agadir.

Hank Williams: The stadium wasn't even done yet.

General Winfield Scott: Why did we go to Africa, I already got me enough slaves.

John Wesley Posey: Man shut the fuck up you racist piece of shit.

Hank Williams: Give him a break, he's from Civil War times.

Carl: So the stadium only holds 40,000 people, what do you think about that?

James Naismith: They're playing soccer, not basketball. Fuck that. S'all I gots to say.

Carl: Well, it'll be done this year, maybe we can go back. Next I want to discuss the Dear Prudence advice column in the online magazine Slate. I asked how our group can be more cohesive.

Hank Williams: We can get closer all by ourselves, just need a little Jambalaya on the Bayou.

General Winfield Scott: Stop pitching your devil music boy.

John Wesley Posey: Shut the fuck up, Win-field.

Carl: Don't let him get to you. I don't think Slate is going to write back, since the column was canceled. You know who can add some fire to our group, if you guys were interested in new members, is Heat Wave, the comic book villain of The Flash.

Hank Williams: Why would we want a complete jerk in the group, we already got Gen. Scott. Give me some love Jimmy.

James Naismith: Count it. So who's watching my creation in action this weekend in the Final Four.

Carl: Fruck yea I am, got my Gators in it to win it.

General Winfield Scott: I think Heat Wave would be a great addition. He does have that phobia of cold, ever since he took that school field trip to a slaughterhouse, and his classmates locked him in a walk-in freezer.

Hank Williams: No means no, dickweed. When are we hitting up that hootenanny?

Carl: Sorry, you misread the letter, Hank. We actually got invited to the Millat Party, a political party in Pakistan, formed by Sardar Farooq Ahmad Khan Leghari.

General Winfield Scott: That's a great name, for someone that works on my farm.

Carl: Aren't you a Union general?

General Winfield Scott: Union or not, I still love me some slaves.

John Wesley Posey: Shut the fuck up, Old Fuss and Feathers!


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