Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hip-Hop Finance Advice

At last weekend's Hip-Hop Summit in Houston, rappers gave students financial advice. -AC

"Man, Ching-a-ling's gonna teach you suckas about financing. Ya'll can't be a balla baby like ya boy if you fuck with Nelly. That mutha's gonna try to steal yurr shit, ya hurr. Drop that dough right thurr in tha bank."
Chingy's Tip: Put your money in the bank.

Vinnie Paz:
"Keep a list of your spending daddy! Steadily you'll shine, if you put that info on the line. Ikon the Verbal Hologram! Follow me daddy! Lawnmower man!
Vinnie Paz's Tip: Track your spending.

Paul Wall:
Wuddit do it's Paul Wall. I got the candy apple gloss drippin'. Wood grain grippin'. Got my boy Big Pokey. We doin' the hokey pokey up in this shit. Sittin' sidewayz. Got my Paul Wall grill. Puttin' it down, H-Town.
Paul Wall's Tip: ???


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Lol at Paul Wall's adivce, Big Pokey

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