Monday, February 26, 2007

Carrey Continues Playing Number Games

Jim Carrey's The Number 23 opened in theaters last weekend, grossing $14.6 million, enough to come in second place behind Ghost Rider. What comes as a surprise is that another Joel Schumacher production is in the works, also starring Carrey.

The thriller, titles The 7 Day Theory features Carrey as a Tupac enthusiast who searches to find the truth about the rapper's "murder." In the story, Carrey finds a spiral notebook containing facts about Tupac's life that have to deal with the number 7. For instance, Tupac "died" at age 25 (2+5=7). Furthermore, he was "born" on February 16. February is the 2nd month, add that to 1 and 6, and you get 9. Subtract that by the 2 in 2Pac, and you get 7. When asked about the relevance, the director Schumacher was quoted as asking, "Do you see?"

The movie revolves around the belief that Tupac is in fact alive, and will eventually return. In a deviation from normal roles, Carrey hopes to: "Get back the fans I've lost since Living Color." Signed on as a supporting cast is Ruben Studdard as Biggie's ghost, and Val Kilmer as Carrey's best friend who doesn't support the quest for the truth.


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Carrey as a 2pac enthsiast? I can believe that.

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