Monday, February 12, 2007

PBS Top Ten

President Bush is reopening the fight over government support of public television, unveiling a 2007 government fiscal year budget that would cut federal funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting by nearly 25 percent. Link

Top Ten Ways PBS Will Have To Cut Back On Spending
by Antichrist

10. Carmen Sandiego can only travel the continental United States

9. To save money on costume cleaning, Sesame Street will now have Relatively Large Bird

8. Antiques Roadshow loses its travel budget and has to record all shows from Flea Market Montgomery

7. Charlie Rose interviews an ambassador of a model UN

6. ZOOM can still be made by kids, but it has to be for everybody

5. Tavis Smiley interviews the stars of Zyzzyx Road

4. Bob Ross' The Joy of Painting is edited to have 15 less happy little trees

3. Educational shows only have enough funding to teach kids to count to 7

2. Reading Rainbow loses the rights to all authors except Joan Didion

1. It's economical for Bert and Ernie to apply for a civil union


Blogger CrimsonKing said...

Ah, Zoom. I used to watch that show and never do any of the activitiis they did. And their jokes were always bad.

11:07 PM  

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