Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Pope, A-Rod, and Crazy People

In Maine, a plan by Gov. Baldacci to cut funding to mental health service providers came under sharp attack at a legislative budget hearing. Some in the audience were dressed in black to signal their distress at the proposed reductions.
Others dressed in straight jackets to signal that the plan was crazy.

KFC president Gregg Dedrick sent a letter to Pope Benedict XVI, asking him to lend his personal seal of approval for the new Fish Snacker item "as a way for members of your flock to keep a holy Lenten season."
The Pope was not reached, as he was too busy praying for everyone who has eaten a McGriddle.

Estonia plans to become the first nation to allow Internet voting in national parliament elections.
As expected in online voting, Yao Ming was the highest vote getter.

Brussels Airlines is adding a 14th dot to its logo after superstitious customers in the USA and Italy complained. "They think it brings them bad luck," said Geert Sciot, spokesman for the new Belguim-based airline.
In response, Spirit airlines checked to make sure there were not exactly 13 holes on any of their planes.

On Monday, Alex Rodriguez asked to make a contract with the media that if they stop asking him about teammate Derek Jeter, he'll stop lying to them.
The tentative contract will pay him $1.4 million per interview.


Blogger heather said...

for real i think i lost 3 pairs of shoes plus both if my feet because of a massive hole under my seat on spirit airlines

9:14 PM  

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