Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Tom From Myspace To Record Single

If your number one friend came out with an album, wouldn't you buy it? Thirty-one year old Tom Anderson hopes this is true for his 159 million friends. He got his first foot through the music business door by starting Myspace Records, and now looks to pursue a solo career.

Tom's single, "Lonely at the Top" was produced by Chris Martin of Coldplay. He hopes to release it on iTunes this week, as well as place it on the upcoming Myspace Records compilation disk.

In what most see as a marketing experiment, Tom's first song is strictly "funk rock." On his future genre choices and inspiration: "My next song will most likely be funk rock, and then coming back from the sophomore slump, I'll give the people what they want, funk rock. Whatever I decide, I'll stay true to the music, and try to cater to each of my friends."

"I want to be like Jay-Z, in that I can sustain my label and solo career, as well as put my songs on other peoples' albums. I want that bitch Tila Tequila to be my Memphis Bleek," Tom said.

Coincidentally, Jay-Z was one of the few who were invited to a special playing of the single at Tom's recording studio in Santa Monica. "The kids got chops. I mean he ain't a kid, but thirty's the new twenty. I'd sign his ass in a New York second, give him my Young Hov blessin. Jigga!" said the Def Jam CEO.

"Lonely at the Top" focuses on what Tom calls "having too many friends to please." It also chronicles his hatred for Facebook in the lyric "Why did Facebook have to take away my audience / Now I'm left with child predators and chicks that don't exist."


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