Saturday, March 03, 2007

Request II: The Water Planeteer Gets Her Period

by Antichrist

This crazy ass idea is from my roommate (who may later be featured under the pseudonym Einstine Parker to tell the hilarious story of Hayden Potpan). You may need to hit up if you're a diehard Antimino fan and want to try to follow this.

Gi: Gaia.

Gaia: What is it Gi?

Gi: I'm breeding.

Gaia: I don't see any blood. Where are you bleeding?

Gi: Down there.

Gaia: Oh I see.

Kwame: Can a negro get some Funions up in this shit?

Gaia: Peace Kwame, be under the calmness of your orator LeVar Burton.

Kwame: Aight den.

Gi: About the breeding.

Gaia: I'll take you to Dr. Blight. I'm sure she'll have some pamphlets my child.

Gi: Doesn't she speciarize in chemicar warfare.

Gaia: That's exactly what this is little one.

Kwame: Man, I'd burn some pork fat off of Hoggish Greedly's ass for some Pork Rinds. Damn.

Ma-ti: What is is Kwame?

Kwame: Ahh, I'd ask you if you had any food, but that shit makes me hungry again two hours later.

Ma-ti: Kwame, I'm not Chinese.

Gi: Werr I am, and I've got a probrem.

Kwame: What you think this is? A job for Captain Planet?

Captain Planet: I'm Captain Planet. What's up my yellow brother?

Ma-ti: Nothing much Captain.

Captain Planet: What's the problem Gaia?

Gaia: Gi got her first period.

Captain Planet: Whew I was beginning to worry.

Gaia: About what?

Captain Planet: I was afraid that we might have had a little Planeteer on our hands. Which would make Ma-ti a sixth wheel.

Kwame: I thought you were hitting Linka?

Captain Planet: You know this is the second season Kwame. I'm over that.

Kwame: That's cool. Yo but, Gi's got the power to control liquids you know. You think she'll be able to handle herself?

Captain Planet: If Gi's on the loose, the streets will run red.

Gi: Fruck you guys!


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