Saturday, March 10, 2007

Book Feedback

by Antichrist

I Loved Your Book

As I titled this letter, I really loved your book. Well I didn't put "really" in the title, but I should have, in retrospect. I've attached page 37 of your book to this letter for you to sign. Don't worry, I'll tape it back in after you return the page. Actually I loved that page so much I could probably recite it upon request.

"-ing so hard. Gretchen peeled herself off of the butcher's floor..."

Well you know, haha you wrote it. To be honest, I looked at the page while I was reciting it, so I'm banking on you returning it signed. I would have sent you the whole book, but shipping was too pricey. Money has been tight lately. I actually didn't even buy your book, I stole it from one of the care packages going to the troops. I felt a little guilty, so I tell myself its for enemy troops. Why they would be shipping it out of the US? Maybe it's a UN thing.

Anyway, the book touched me sexually, in a very meta-physical way. It really wasn't even sexual, it was more sensual. Also, it was less meta-physical, and more meta-irony. Let's say I was touched.

My new style of reading is to flip through the first and last chapters, so that I can split the difference and get the gist of the book. I thought there was good flow, structure. Maybe put in some more wordplay to keep the reader interested. Syllable count was good, and um topic was played out.

Return the favor. I've written some books too.
-Stephen King


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