Friday, March 23, 2007

A Near Death Experience

A Near Death Experience

Today 3:00 pm I had my first near death experience. On my way home from my college of choice, Penn State Harrisburg, the rain poured and the car roared. Traveling on the Pennsylvania turnpike our two door scion tore up the road. Suddenly I see headlights, I scream “Stop!” and the car comes into a screeching halt. A sport utility vehicle in the right lane spun out of control. The suv’s tire had catastrophically burst at high speeds sending the vehicle careening into the concrete medium. We were no more than 100 feet behind the vehicle, and I’m positive if we had been any close we would have crashed head on into the suv. My heart pounded no humor here, I was shook, and I could barely keep my hands from shaking. We got lucky for sure, the suv finally spun completely around and smashed backwards into the medium for the second time, debris and items from the man’s trunk were scattered all over the road. We immediately pulled over to check on the driver, he was ok, but his suv was totaled. The front left tire was completely off the rim and the rear right tire was resting on the concrete medium. The trunk looked as if someone had tossed a frag grenade inside, nothing but twisted metal and broken glass. It was a scary experience altogether, especially because of our proximity to the wrecked vehicle. It’s strange to think of the what ifs, but we are fine, a little shaken, but ok. I’ve never seen an accident like that up close and personal. The rest of the trip we talked about what had just happened and how close we came to injury and possibly death.

-Minotaur Man


Blogger CrimsonKing said...

Well, thank goodness you're OK. You have no idea how many internet-friends I've lost in the past couple of years.

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