Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Starring EinsTein PaRkEr!; ,;,;.

Dick Winder: Hello there, LiSteRiners?

Dick Wind: I was born a PoOR, blAck man.
Dick Wind: Patches was My Name-O:P,?

D-Wind: Dick Winder is my slaVEr NamE-O, Little Weeby,
D-Wind: D-Wind is by Black Name, Goobeck!

DW: (I'm not to be confused with PBS's Arthur's little sister, DW!
"""": bitch :UB?

I gotta take a trip with my asshole-made-off-sand.
Did you hear that JimiiE!
You spelt of wrong you off-kilter Scottish dumbass!

You'Re a funky snatch, Hilary. (remind me to high-five you later, Bill. That Monica Lewinsky was pretty banging with Hot Sauce (The Gone-E-Pee-Nash), but remember when you stuck your DW into her Anal B-Nash (Bridges) and had you'Re ballZ in her V-snatch (Guy Ritchie).

But, Remember when you recieved Mary Carey first governatic Lap Dance!!! You whirled in to her analhara dessert! YOu gave it to her and it was the first time that your slim-Jim came out spicer than when it came in! Oh I am lamenting. Why did Mary Carey have to be Meagan Harris? She's got a snatch that's spicer than thai-hot red curry! Now that's a Spice Girl: Baby, Ginger, Scary, Sporty and Posh! You fat bitches... AnyWay:R:.,S!

Jack Keroack ain't got nothing from me Jack Hole Productions, etc.
On the road by Jack KEroack/ or/ Tube-ties on the go by Kair-ee, or Keenan and Kel-ree? (KKK, As Brandon hui predicted, volcano boy!)

NE ways. How many of you ladyiees ugs (drunk ladybugs)
Consider yourselfs chubby?
haha. Funny word that chubby. THe bJ machiNe gave me MAD CHUBBIES!
THat's what you're bitches gangs gonna be named: The MAD CHUBBIES (formally known as fat housewives)

Whoop-dee-Whoop, Nigga What?!?
I'm out Shelby Craig, BunTCaKe!

YOur's Trulley.


Einstein Parker, esq.


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