Wednesday, April 11, 2007


This evening I waited in an unmarked line with my concert roll dog (who will be mentioned in this post by his nickname Broseph) for a $2 TV on the Radio concert. After a tongue-in-cheek conversation about if my polo shirt was "scene," we noticed a guy giving the traditional "I need one ticket" hand gesture.

I immediately thought that he was making an ironic statement. It was quite clever that he was referencing buying a scalped ticket, when tickets were available to everyone. Frodoseph humored me about my ironic statement acknowledgment, and said he must be a non-student that needs a ticket.

After more line waiting small talk, NoDozseph saw people with tickets in their hands. I asked a female staff member where to get tickets. The show was sold out, she says, but that I could always bribe someone. I say "Sexually bribe someone, yea that was going to be my next plan" or something to that effect.

Warning: Skip the following part if all that you want is to enjoy a story about me not going to a concert!

Moral of the story: Overthinking that the guy was making an ironic statement cost me precious time that I could have been spending not waiting in line. However, without it I would not be writing this blog post. Although, writing this blog post about overthinking is costing me precious sleeping time.

Recap: Overthinking led to wasted time in line which led to time wasting writing a blog. I'll probably write up a more complex equation tonight about how much time was wasted.


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