Sunday, April 08, 2007

Space Creature Gives Immigrants Advice

This is an interactive blog post. Begin by putting your thumb over the eyes, nose, and mouth of "Senator Kennedy."

For last week's National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, president Sam Rodriguez invited a special guest to speak about illegal immigration. He was Zev Aberdonia, a member of the Phased Tritons Of The Forgotten Sphere. In a two hour, intimate speech, in which he took the form of Ted Kennedy, several topics were discussed.

The message was clear: immigrants should no longer be kept in the shadows of the world. Dr. Aberdonia cited the US handling of the first planetary visit of the Phased Tritons Of The Forgotten Sphere, when government officials shot down one of the spacecrafts, and promptly denied the existence of his Triton race.

Surprisingly, Dr. Aberdonia was very critical of the conference members' "secret plan" to become recognized as citizens. He compared that complex plan to the simple use of a gamma-ray gun that the Phased Tritons Of The Forgotten Sphere plan to use on the world.

Conference member Estelinda Soto said that the alien's form of Ted Kennedy was very calming to her. "I really related to his story. When he read from the book of Kaptar, about how you should treat every Zyxel how you want to be treated, I was bawling," Ms. Soto said. "He didn't give any advice to us, but it was nice. Anyway, I only came for the free chimichangas."


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