Friday, May 11, 2007

High School To Change Motto

by Antichrist

Westside High School of Anytown, Florida has officially changed it's motto. No longer will the phrase "A Tradition to Excel" represent the school. After a measure passed early today, the new motto will be "It's Me Snitches!"

School administrators mainly disproved, but kept their word that the students would be able to decide on the naming. "I'm glad they picked the censored version, not the b-word. We already had Al Sharpton visit us this year," counselor Loretta Linney remarked.

"I don't actually know what it is referencing. Personally I preferred 'We Make It Rain.' It would have been a much more poignant statement," English professor Huck Bigsby quipped.

The students have been quick to change their cheers. Head cheerleader Nya Williams said, "Last year I would move and talk like a robot and say '' Now I do the same thing for 'It's Me Snitches!' I'll still yell 'You Know!' though."


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