Saturday, May 05, 2007

Running Programs

My recent foray into the horizontally mobile club is probably much like your own, not blog worthy. However, some blogs can pull off a documented journal of progress, here are three examples:

I want to give a big thanks to the hundreds of people who have been reading my blog and leaving me comments. I finished my first race today! You were the greatest support. I lost confidence after my leg was amputated, and the doctors said I couldn't race. What made today even more rad, is that I was joined in the race by my mentally challenged dad, and eerily hot mother.

Hi y'all. I just finished my first jogging session, and I figured I'd run over to my laptop and write you guys. Get it? Run!
Anyways, for the male readers my age, I took it easy to start off with. I knew I'd be running through your minds all night. Soon I'll take off these sweaty clothes and hop into the shower. I'll post pics latrr ;)
And for you older readers, my legs are really sore. I think I'm gonna rub some Bengay on them, and call it a night at 8 o'clock. But not before I watch the Wheel of Fortune.

Greetings bags of water, I am Serpo. In an attempt to become maximally efficient at utilizing your shitty form of respiratory gas, I have begun a training regiment I discovered in your defecation supplement, Men's Health. My training will build up to the day I confront your leader. Since this needs to be maintained as a surprise, these entries will not occur in real time. As you read this, I will already have what you call "washboard abs," as well as a thorough knowledge of "bedroom secrets to please my lady."

Author's note: In a search for a running alien, I considered the feasibility of a staff artist for the blog. I was close to hiring Scott Adams, but once again Google saved the day.

On another note, I watched the Yankees - Mariners game today, in which Yankees pitcher Chien-Ming Wang took a perfect game into the 8th inning. For some reason it wasn't very exciting. The Mariners finally got a hit after they realized the insensitivity they would be showing through the improper timing of another Asian guy with three names being on the news.


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