Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Fmr. Governor Gray Davis Participates In Food Challenge

by Antichrist

The stakes have been raised. Shortly after Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski lived off a food stamp budget for one week, former California Governor Gray Davis was found in the wilderness fending for himself. This is obviously a statement to raise awareness of people living in poverty.

"I'm broke nigga!" joked the former governor.

Davis has recently been named to the DiC Entertainment Board of Directors. "Man I quit that already. I thought I could maybe make a few bucks performing, then I find out it's about cartoons. There's no money in that. I'm broke!"

Clearly Mr. Davis' spirits are still high during his daunting challenge. While he has not made clear when he started the task, his makeup and beard gave the illusion that he has lived in the woods for several weeks.

"At first I thought it was a crazy rapist in the woods that looked like Gray Davis. It turns out it was Gray Davis," observer Melanie Cole said. "Gray Davis raped me."

Similar to an actor sticking with their character while doing interviews, Mr. Davis kept with his story. "I was living the life. I told Mary Carey I'd find a way to make her governor if she had sex with me. And this was after she already had sex with me. I was the man. My whole staff is in the woods with me now. We had to eat Cruz Bustamante though. Very sad."


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