Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Fate is a Dick Tease

I'll let that simmer, and write about an unrelated topic.

I am a giddy schoolgirl for the future Comedy Central pilot "Michael Ian Black Doesn't Understand." Michael Showalter is co-executive producer, I'm glad to see him involved in some way. My excitement for Black's "Wedding Daze" which he wrote and directed, will reach it's peak when I put it on my favorite movies list before it comes out.

Anywho, I realized that in today's world of drought (scientifically proven, we gets no rain here) and global warming (mostly bullshit) the worst thing to do is to use water to melt ice. It's fun to do, I know, but it's the worst thing you can do.

Woah big shot, you say it's not as bad as feeding Taco Bell to a cow? Well, I grasp the ethical concept of the cow eating its own species (which us humans are not yet sold on); that might get the argument some points. That cow will be farting like crazy too. I agree it's a pretty bad thing to do. But is it worse?

Those cow farts are all mumbo jumbo atmosphere shit. Wasting water to get rid of water is worse. You see, I'm a farmer from Nebraska, and I've heard stories about there being a shit ton of water on both sides of the great US of A. But until I see them for myself, I'll go with the water I see with my peepers, which ain't a lot.

Oh yea, fuck ice sculptures too. Unless it's of the great Nebraska quarterback Eric Crouch.


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