Friday, May 18, 2007

Gov't Takes Away One Of My Favorite Freedoms

I don't mind taking my shoes off at airports. I don't mind quelling my urge to check out the Qur'an from the library, as a way to keep my record clean from the Patriot Act. Neither would fit in the category of my favorite freedoms like the following does: The right to display campy bathroom signs.

These types of signs will be a necessary for the pool hall / Irish bar that I'll work at in my autumn years that will play out like a sitcom with then established actor Jaden Smith.

Being less opinionated than most, I have a hobby of supporting causes ironically, or for some other personal enjoyment. This matter however, may be the one of the only ones that I have based a true opinion. The only other may be when I was a staunch opponent of the Flags For Orphans Bill, of which I do not regret my vote. There is too great a risk of Old Glory touching the ground when put into the hands of irresponsible orphans.

Anywho, campy signs are as American as apple pie or throwing batteries at outfielder J.D. Drew. I implore anyone near Destin, Florida to take a trip to McGuires's Irish Pub to sign the petition to put the signs back up. Join the fight for freedom.

Quick Hit: Biologists in Sacramento tried unsuccessfully to use recorded songs of a humpback whale to lure an injured female back toward the Pacific Ocean. The whale swam away from it, rather than toward it, until the researches realized they were playing a Ruben Studdard CD.


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