Thursday, August 10, 2006

What Sparked My Interest This Week

by Antichrist
Hungry men prefer heavier women
No word on if the sample was made up of cannibals.

Rapper Supernatural freestyles for over 9 hours, breaks world record
I think I had this record beat when I was freestyling on Sam's couch. I read on another site that he was mostly backstage with other rappers. Would there have to be an official witness? That must have been boring, caus that freestyle probably got shitty real quickly. The old record was by a Canadian rapper. Nine hours of a Canadian accent rapping would be tortuous.

Milgram experiment
Very interesting, old study on obedience. I found out about it through a Peter Gabriel song, which is where I get most of my scientific information.

Listerine Agent Cool Blue
Smart idea for kids to brush their teeth better.

Applebee's Quesadilla Burger
That just looks good. This link is the proverbial "Everybody Loves Raymond" in the box of porn.

Guide to Quoting Pop Culture
His 4 rules: don't use outdated quotes, don't use obscure quotes, don't correct other people's quotes, and don't overuse quotes. I think I'm in violation of at least three of those.

Musical tastes of:
Mr. Michael Ian Black
Mr. Paul Rudd

What I have in common musically with Michael Ian Black: Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Eminem, Rolling Stones, The Shins, The Strokes

What I have in common musically with Paul Rudd: Elvis Costello, R.E.M., Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Jane's Addiction, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana

Conclusion: My taste in music is very Jewish.


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