Sunday, August 06, 2006

Reflection on First Preseason Game

by Antichrist
1) Westbrook looked real nice. Eagles scored on their first drive.
2) We have a black punter, Reggie Hodges (middle). That's awesome. He's a backup, so I don't expect Randall Cunningham-like punts (91 yards, albeit in the wind tunnel that is the Meadowlands)
3) Jeff Garcia played shitty, far removed from his 49er days.
4) Mike Bartrum catching a pass evoked a: MIKE BARTRUM!? Him being an offensive weapon would humor me.
5) Koy Detmer's outing was shit. Garcia's was shit-ty. Detmer's - shit. He may not make the team as Akers' bitch, with Garcia around.
6) Our backup QB Timmy Chang holds the collegiate record for most interceptions thrown in a career. He unleashed his talent during the final drive, when the Eagles had a chance to win.
7) Chris Collingsworth needs to take that smirk of his face, he was a Bengal. I place him behind the Bengal in Life of Pi.
8) My generation will remember John Madden for the MadTV popcorn popper skit, and for his man-crush on Brett Favre.
9) The Eagles need to put stick-um on their hands.
10) There were commercials for a contest to bring an NFL player to school. I would pick Trotter.
11) Eagles lost 16-10. Raiders will suck this year.


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