Friday, August 04, 2006

Reading Between The Lines

by AC
Lance Bass was holding back a big secret, that he finally flat-out stated, he’s gay. Some people were shocked, but others (like myself) saw it coming. How did I know? He subtly hinted at it in his song lyrics. I’m going to decipher some of his lyrics, so you can see what I’m talking about:

The lyric: It's gonna be me
What he really means: I’m the gay member of the group.

The lyric: On the line for your love / There's nothing / I want more
What he really means: I prefer ass crack to pussy

The lyric: I'm laying it / On the line to show you
What he really means: I’ve pulled out my penis, to show you the goods, as it were

The lyric: When you smile / I feel my heart open
What he really means: I use the phrase “my heart” as slang for my asshole

The lyric: After everything / My heart's been through / I treasure, every moment / I spend with you
What he really means: I still like you after you’ve anally penetrated me

The lyric: For me to feel this way / Is something new
What he really means: You’re the first black guy I’ve been with

The lyric: I turned around and / You were there
What he really means: You snuck up and did a quick in-and-out

The lyric: If you tell me / What you need / I can get you / What you're asking for
What he really means: I also slang rock


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