Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Pig Munstahs

First off, fuck pig munstahs (monsters), they suck, if you see one spit in its face and act like your eating bacon, which should really fry its bacon. This picture looks as if the pig munstah went down to a local mall and got some glamour shots for 5 bucks. How would a pig munstah go about getting to the mall, would it drive a car, if so what kind car would it have... most likely a red geo. My best guess is he took the bus, it wouldn't be so outlandish, I have seen uglier people on there, like this one time there was this kid that looked exactly like Freddy Kruger, and his friend next to him looked like a fucking witch, it was on Halloween if I can remember correctly, I stole their candy, and by candy I mean cocaine, naturally. Anyway back to the picture, I noticed there's a signature on it probably the pig munstahs full name, but those mother fuckers don't deserve full names, they're all pig munstahs to me. Just a heads up to any pig munstahs out there, don't talk to me don't even look at me, matter of fact just drop dead pig munstahs, drop dead.
Minotaur Man

I'd hate for these to be the first pictures I post of Carl and I, but oh well, here's us doing an impression of a pig munstah.


Blogger heather said...

funniest and scariest pictures i have ever seen. carl u have the biggest fucking nostrals in this pic. u got more of a miss piggie face than a pig monstah face.lol

12:01 AM  

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