Wednesday, August 02, 2006

My First Word

My First Word by Antichrist
I've been thinking about special firsts lately, and one that most people can relate to is their very first word. I guess the only people who are unable to relate would be those who don't trust their parents, or were raised by wolves. In the latter case, the person would have yet to speak their first word, unless you count Ahwooooo as a word (a Warren Zevon endorsed philosophy). Anyway, my first word was "Turtle." At the time, I probably neither capitalized, nor used quotes. Also my "r" may have been weaker than the Nazi-like yell I use when pronouncing the word now. Hey, wouldn't it be weird if my first word, turtle, ended up being my last

Wow turtle was his first word, that is so gay. This kid has a blog, wow. I'm not usually an assassin. I'm actually the star in an off Brodway production of the Alice in Wonderland porn. Really it's less of a Brodway production, and more of an actual porn. I'll finish this dead kid's blog for him. My first word was wowwipop. I still can't pronounce it right. Waw-we-pop. Nah. It'd be crazy if my first word was the same as my

Those two dead guys have the same sentence structure, strange. My first word was poopie. I know for a fact that won't be my last word. Caus if I shit my pants before I die I'll say, "Fuck I shit my pants" I wouldn't say poopie. So it wouldn't be my last word.

What? Just because these two guys died while they were typing. Fuck I shit my pants.

Sorry I'm late. Multiple gunmen after the same guy. This shit doesn't make any


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