Wednesday, August 09, 2006

How The Pillow Came Into Modern Use

by AC
Ug Grunt Grunt [I am tired of sleeping on rocks, it strongly lacks comfort]
-Rart Grunt Ug [I fully concur with your sentiment]
Grunt Grunt Rart [Maybe we should use those pillows we came up with instead]
-Ug Ug [Yes, fight with rocks and sleep on pillows]
Grunt Rart [We were foolish to have those jobs inverted upon invention]
-Grunt Grunt [Does this mean we shall end fighting with pillows?]
Rart Ug Rart [No, we will allow pillow battling for hot chicks only]
-Ug [What about effeminate men?]
Grunt [Grunt]
-Rart Ug Ug Rart Grunt Grunt Grunt Grunt [I couldn’t bare having to tell your wife that she can’t jump on the bed, having a pillow battle with her friend]
Ug Ug Rart Grunt Rart Rart Grunt Grunt Ug Rart Grunt [Fuck you]
-Ug Grunt [Can we still throw rocks at effeminate men?]
Rart Ug [Yes. But if they catch it, then we have to pretend we’re frozen]
-Ug Rart [Frozen, just like the dinosaurs?]
-Grunt Ug Grunt [Too soon dude, too soon]


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