Sunday, August 13, 2006

How I'd Cast Brave New World

I finished reading this Aldous Huxley classic, and searched to see if a movie has been made about it. The most notable was a made-for-tv starring Peter Gallagher and Leonard Nemoy. That doesn't sound too good. If I were to caste (pun intended) Brave New World, it would look like this:

John the Savage - Questions the civilized world. Has been brought up with the writings of Shakespeare, and quotes them frequently. He's the protagonist, strong, and poetic. Played by Christian Bale

Bernard Marx - The focus of the beginning of the book, he is surprisingly short for the caste in which he is a member. He is seen as weird because he doesn't participate in the accepted aspects of society. Some of the things he does are comical, so I would have him played by Jack Black (channeling his King Kong performance, not Nacho Libre)

Lenina Crowne - The beautiful Lenina Crowne gets around in this free sex, everybody belongs to everyone else society. However she shows signs of monogamy, being with Henry Foster for an unusual amount of time without being with someone else (in their society's eyes). She also falls in love with John the Savage. Played by Elizabeth Banks

Mustapha Mond - An older, authority figure who is kind of a dick. Played by Rip Torn

Henry Foster - Got with Lenina, now she likes John the Savage. Small part. Played by Craig Bierko

Linda - John's mom who is seen as disgusting by the members of the civilized society. Played by Kathy Bates

Fanny Crowne - Lenina's slightly less attractive friend. Played by Jennifer Coolidge

Helmholtz Watson - Friend of Bernard Marx and John the Savage. There's this one part where he and John are beating up all these scientists and Bernard is looking on, scared to join in. Bernard decides on screaming Help, in an effort to look like he's helping. Helmholtz Watson played by Guy Pearce

I think all of the civilized people have Lupus, so I would need a good makeup team. As director I would want Christopher Nolan

I read the story in book form, but here's an online version.


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