Sunday, May 20, 2007

Rap About My High School Spanish Teacher

by Antichrist

When asked cierto o falso, I never pick pseduo
S'why I didn't fail any Spanish tests by Mr. Muto
Who knew those, questions I answered too slow...
Would raise me to higher levels like a Jew-fro
He'll demote you like Pluto, if you talk in class
Need to take a piss, he'll give 'ya a hallway pass
Students went crazy, he had the balls to laugh
Most kick ass teacher outta all the staff
He was always there 'fa, kids who didn't care 'ta...
Give props to a guy
Who fucked his future wife at her QuinceaƱera


Blogger Nathan said...

Haha. That's my shit!!!

10:02 PM  

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