Friday, December 29, 2006

Rocky Balboa

by Antichrist
After Rocky V left the character as a crazy street fighter, on some Blanka shit, Rocky Balboa brought the Italian Stallion back to respectability. I saw the movie today with my pops, and I liked it better than IV and V. The thing that I can't get past about Rocky IV is the stupid talking robot.

Unfortunately, Paulie (Rocky's brother-in-law) reprised his role in the latest film. Also unfortunate is that they didn't kill him off to give me joy. Paulie's one of my most hated cinematic characters. He's so inept and annoyingly drunk.

The fight sequence was pieced together well. The fight had a Celebrity Boxing since Sly's aged. The training was cool. The funniest training montage is Rocky IV, where they show the Russian Ivan Drago using exercise machines with blinking computers and then cut to Rocky doing a ghetto version of the same exercise. My favorite montages are in Rocky III: the beginning of the movie where they keep cutting to an angry Clubber Lang (Mr. T) and the montage of Apollo training Rocky.

In impulsive Christmas money spending fashion, I bought an Apollo Creed shirt online.

Who's your favorite Rocky opponent?
Apollo Creed - The Man
Clubber Lang - Crazy Mofo
Thunderlips - Hulk Hogan
Ivan Drago - My Russian Brethren, But Ruthless Killer
Tommy Gunn - Wack
Mason Dixon - Modern Fighter Persona


Blogger heather said...

Mr. T because he pities u after he beats the living shit outa u

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