Wednesday, December 20, 2006

First Semester Pics Volume 1

First Semester Pics Volume 1

I thought about the title for about 2 seconds.

Here’s one thing everyone should avoid, taking compromising photos, after all they could end up on someone’s blog who peddles smut and advocates gay military. Here’s a little background on this photo, Irish (on the right) is caught in a compromising photo by no fault of his own. Elle (on the left) possibly inebriated is coming on strong, Irish being the perfect gentleman has absolutely no idea what to do.

While at college for your first semester please make sure to be careful of the flesh eating zombie armies that spring up throughout the year and try to eat your brains (this message applies as void for all those in the state of New Hampshire).

College provides the perfect envir

onment to try new hairstyles such as this blow out type hairstyle. I had been up all night contemplating the importance of continuity editing in cinema, and I was considering making a film with all discontinuity then I remembered it already has been done (some Salvador Dali movie that has a scene similar to Hostel). Spiking your hair up like this actually shows you how much of a hippie you’ve become at College.

Yoda will krill, always!

Sexual innuendoes such as this one seem to pop up overnight. It’s strange sometimes to wake up and see a joke just sitting around the house then you notice the cleverness of it, even though this joke becomes immediately obvious once you know what the blue bottles say. It’s sometimes good to see a joke like this, instead of finding a giant penis drawn on your collar when you inspect your uniform in the morning, I am of course referring to a high school incident.

The sign says "Is This A Penis Joke?" and the small print says "Because if it is, then that really chaps my ass.

The bottles say Bawls, or balls, get it blue balls, and to think we put these things in our mouth.


Blogger heather said...

u r all types of fucked up in that pic or u just woke up from a rough night of wacking off.

4:20 PM  
Blogger Goat Singer Of Alpha Centauri said...

How is Bawls? Looking at the picture, I thought they were soap balls, probably due to the artistic shot.

10:30 PM  

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