Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Glory of Christmas

by Antichrist

This evening I went to a Christmas play at a local Baptist church. I admit that throughout the show I was thinking of how I could turn it into possible blog fodder. I had low expectations upon commencement, I spotted a girl that looked like Alyson Hannigan, about 17 and unfortunately lacking the Jewish heritage of Ms. Hannigan (eww putting it like that reminds me of an old high school teacher with the same name, and the the thought of me lusting for her is quite grody). Anywho, I relegated myself to being Spacey in American Beauty, and thought I would be watching her for the whole show.

But then she and her pasty teenage boy counterparts left, and a group of younger kids came out. The band provided them a grimy beat that only the late Aaliyah could handle, and they did their impression of Ike Broflovski's class at the Thanksgiving play.

They were followed by a group of kids older than Ike's kindergarten class, but younger than the Pre-Teen Braves. One of the girls stood out with ruffled cuffs, and semi-seductive dancing. Is it a faux pas to say a girl will be hot when she grows up? Everything I've read in Lolita tells me it's not.

Seeing old people in the play dance in a 50's style era motif, made me remember how much I like the elderly. Not even on some "I really respect the aged, so much wisdom, so much wisdom" that you would say to a girl who mentions old people (Kelly O'Connor in my situation).

There was a guy that looked like my friend Heather's dad, (big and stern, close cut hair), who twirled a hula-hoop around his neck. I think Heather's dad has short hair. Hair is something I don't remember about people. For a girl, if it's not blonde, it might as well be octoroon, because I'm not going remember the color. And of course I'm speaking of pubic hair. And yes, I know what an octoroon is. I am one.


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