Thursday, December 07, 2006

Blogging Jazz Back To Life

Jazz aficionados are hoping that the popularity of the blog posts by composer Dave Douglas, along with the blogs making out-of-print jazz music available, will help to resurrect the music form. Some would say that jazz is the hottest subject in the Blogosphere. Most would ask if that's the movie with Paulie Shore.

In an attempt to not be left out of the crowd (not really), I'll put my reading of an article from the NY Times to good use (really), and attempt to create a jazzian fervor, as it is of profound importance to me (we'll see).

I feel the best way to rejuvinate the arrhythmic beating heart of jazz is through shock value:

Greg Ostertag could revolutionize the techinque of playing an instrument by sucking.

Modern musicians don't put enough stress on the "and" beat that is so very crucial.

Pepsi Jazz should be garnered the name Pepsi Jizz due to it's poor taste and high viscosity.


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