Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Is That Your Identity?

I watched the game show Identity today. It's like Deal or No Deal with less blind guessing, and more social profiling. You have to guess the jobs of people by looking at them. Penn Jillette says the above catchphrase while thrusting the shocker at the person. Thanks to winter break, my dormmates won't get harrassed by the following: What's your job back home? (mark: cockfiend) So cockfiend. Is...That..Your...Identity?

The contestant was a little Filipino dude who jumped around, and pounded his chest (a la me playing Mario Pary drunk). I think I would drink before this game show if I was on it. Jeopardy, no. Wheel of Fortune, yes. I've always wanted to pass out on the wheel and hit on Vanna White. Obviously it would not be possible in that order. Although drunk, I could not come up with "I've been eyeing you Before & After the show, and I think we should have the Same Name."

A shot or two would loosen me up to play Identity. One effect is that I wouldn't let stereotypes hold me back. If the job is accountant, I won't feel guilty about picking the Jewish guy (don't worry I have a Borat-like pass for these jokes). I also would most likely call the females on the show, bitches (don't worry I have a Mary Wollstonecraft-like pass for these jokes).

Some of the occupations in this episode were Russian immigrant, NFL football player, and belly dancer. The producers had them dressed as to give a hint. The football player was Ray Crockett, an old Bronco, who my friend from the Amityville Blog would know. The contestant said he looked like TO, I thought it was Rodney Harrison.

But let's go back to the more interesting topic of getting trashed before playing (not TO, but being a contestant). I'd drink before the Price is Right as a way to keep entertained. And as you know, drinking is accepted on Family Feud, as long as you don't get as drunk as the host.


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Holy Shit dude, you've been busy. I guess the free time has accelerated your creative output.

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