Thursday, December 21, 2006

Antichrist Confronts: His Body Dysmorphia

Antichrist: You best be gone body dysmorphia. Go on, shoo. You're starting to get to me.

Body Dysmorphia: I'm here for good in this shit. Man up, little nigga.

Antichrist: C'mon, you know I'm not little. I try to work out everyday.

Body Dysmorphia: That's right you skinny bitch, you try, and fail everytime. Ehh-HAA. Count it, like the census.

Antichrist: Shut up you orange fuck.

Body Dysmorphia: I'm in ya head now, punk bitch. Oh shit, I gotta take this call. It's ya moms, she wants to know if you can come home before dinner. She's gotta use your pecs as a cutting board. Ehh-HAA. Count it like a scoreboard in this shit.

Antichrist: I should crush you.

Body Dysmorphia: Them titties flatter than the high school bitches you fuck with. Ehh-HAA. Count it like calories, skinny prick.

Antichrist: That is funny.

Body Dysmorphia: See little nigga, you need me.

Antichrist: I can't quit you, body dysmorphia.

Winner: Body Dysmorphia


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that orange s.o.b. has nothing on calves

4:05 PM  

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