Thursday, December 28, 2006

Conversations With Minotaur Man

That We've Been Having For Years (And That All Progress The Same Way)
by Antichrist

Antichrist: I don't have any money though.
Minotaur Man: Why don't you donate your sperm.
Antichrist: I couldn't do that. Because I couldn't have my child being brought into the world without being a part of his or her life.
Minotaur Man: Dude, I was only kidding.
Antichrist: Could you do it? They pay well.

Antichrist: Do you think that he's smart, but he's just keeping it to himself. Like deep down he could be brilliant.
Minotaur Man: No dude, he's a dumbass.
Antichrist: I know, but what if he's smart.
Minotaur Man: Carl, he's a dumbass.
Antichrist: Okay.

Antichrist: What about The Silence Is Deafening?
Minotaur Man: That doesn't make any sense.
Antichrist: Like the silence. It can be deafening.

Person 1: How hot was that hot sauce?
Person 2: Soo hot, dude.
Person 3: Needlessly hot.

Person 1: I seen (enter hoebag's name) yesterday.
Person 2: How's she looking dude?
Person 1: She's looking good man.
Person 2: Don't tell me these things.


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