Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Searching For A Flavor

by Antichrist
Jois: You have to agree though that Taco Bell is the best restaurant.

Tom: Even with that E. coli thing?

Jois: You're gonna think I'm crazy but during that week, Taco Bell was putting out some of the best food that I've ever eaten there.

Tom: Yea, probably because somebody actually made them clean the place.

Jois: Now you know my girl Ashley used to work there.

Tom: She was a slut, and sluts like it dirty.

Jois: All Ashleys are sluts though.

Tom: The proper term is Ashli.

Jois: Whatever. Yo, dude I think I realize what made the tacos taste so good.

Tom: What?

Jois: The E. coli, man. It gave it an extra tang or something.

Tom: Tang? That doesn't make any sense.

Jois: You're right, it was more of a zest.

Tom: So what are you gonna do, get it in your food?

Jois: Yea, how do I do that?

Tom: Shit where you eat.

Jois: No Tom. No! Ben Franklin told me not to shit where I eat.

Tom: The fuck are you talking about?

Jois: Wasn't that one of his haikus?

Tom: Proverbs.

Jois: In Little Richard's?

Tom: Poor Richard's.

Jois: Alma Mater?

Tom: Almanac. Did you really think it was Little Richard's Alma Mater?

Jois: No, I know it's Oakwood Theological College in Huntsville, Alabama.

Tom: All I have to say to that is: Tutti Frutti, Good Booty.


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taco bell is only good when ur fucked up

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