Tuesday, October 03, 2006

PCP, Elves, and Smoke Rings

Sam: Watch this shit (takes drag from cigar)

Irish: What are you doing?

Sam: (holds out index finger as to say un momento por favor)

Irish: Oh smoke rings

Sam: (cups lips to accentuate the ring process)

Irish: You look like an old lady trying to suck some balls

Sam: Ohhhhh! I got one did ya see it did ya see it

(suddenly someone walks into the outside foyer)

Mysterious Man: …Smoke….Smoke….Smoke…are ya smoking yet

Sam: Damn subliminal advertising, it’s invaded our fucking lives man

Timmy the Magic Elf: And remember kids if you’re going to spend 7 dollars on cigarettes might as well spend the extra 3 dollars and upgrade to crack

Irish: What the fuck you talking bout

Sam: Holy shit I’m all itchy man what the fuck is this shit

Irish: Let me see that thing (grabs cigar) yeah tastes like pcp to me

Sam: Whoah

Irish: I’m itchy

Timmy the Magic Elf: Run the shoes and the wallet bitch, I got kids to feed

Sam: I didn’t think elves could fuck

Timmy the Magic Elf: Well they can, ever seen the smurfs man

Sam: Are you saying that’s what happens when elves fuck

Timmy the Magic Elf: Nah I just think it’s a good show I can really identify with OG Smurf

Sam: I’m pretty sure that wasn’t a smurf

Irish: I’m freaking out man

Timmy the Magic Elf: Run the shoes bitch

(Sam and Irish give the elf their shoes and wallets)

Irish: Last time I ever trust one of those filthy bean eating border jumping…Elves, damn elves always breathing in the white mans air with their big….(cut off by Sam)

Sam: I think you went far enough, now pass that shit or get out of the cipher

Irish: I’m pretty sure we imagined that whole thing

Sam: If we did then where the fuck are my shoes

-Minotaur Man


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