Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Carnival

My roommate and I were in a very offensive mood, and thus produced this conversation.
AC - Regular type
AC's roommate Nathan - Italic

So during break, I bought a soda, and started flipping through my wallet. I found my old Philadelphia Library card, and saw that I still have until December 11, 2006. I put that away, and I'm looking at the soda, and it has the same fuckin expiration date.


What if every disposable good expires on that date.

Condoms expire, and there's all these mistakes. My friend that's having sex with the guy who looks like Justin Guarini has to abort his baby.

In the back of the classroom I was in, there was a bunch of CPR babies stacked up in a pyramid.

And now, everyone's favorite game show, The Dead Baby Pyramid.

*Hums theme song*

Today's grand prize is 5o dead fetuses.

It's like a carnival game, you have to knock them down.

The carnival made a contract with the abortion clinic, and all the prizes are dead fetuses.

I want the stuffed bear, I want the stuffed bear. Sorry kid, you won the middle prize, you get 2 dead babies.

I threw a ping pong ball in a fishbowl, and I won a dead fetus. Can I keep it, can I keep it? I promise I'll walk it and feed it.

The kid carries it around the whole carnival.

They have a It's a Small World ride with all the robots as singing dead fetuses. It's a Small Womb after all.


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Too Soon! Too Soon! lol

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