Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Weed Industry Roundtable Discussion

Tommy Chong: Welcome, man. To the uh first annual weed conference. We need like a motto or something.
Bill Clinton: How about If you don't inhale, you can't fail.
James Blunt: I'm fucking high.
Dave Chappelle: We only let you in here caus of your name. You don't get to pick.
Tommy Chong: I'm high too man.
Bill Clinton: What ideas have y'all come up with dealing with marijuana.
Dave Chappelle: That it's fucking awesome.
James Blunt: I came up with the idea that the sun is a son.
Tommy Chong: Woah.
Bill Clinton: I'm going to put that in my next memoir. Half of the last one was ads.
Tommy Chong: Alright, we got some guests here today. To talk about weed in music, Snoop Dogg.
Snoop: Sup homies.
Tommy Chong: To talk about weed on the streets, a local drug dealer.
*Insert name of dumb dealer that you don't trust, and rips you off*: Hey guys, I have marijuana.
Tommy Chong: And lastly, to talk about weed on television, the guy who came up with Wonder Showzen.
Wonder Showzen Guy: Want some crack? We need more kids to do drugs, that's why I made my tv show. What have you done you druggies?
Snoop: Sit yo' puppet ass down.
Wonder Showzen Guy: You could put weed in the jewel case of your cd's. You already have thirty songs about how to roll a joint.
Snoop: Man fuck this foo with a hand up his ass.
James Blunt: Who invited this guy?
Dave Chappelle: Who invited you Philly?
Dealer: Hey Dave, I got some weed. If you smoke it, you'll get high.
Dave Chappelle: Fuck you nigga, I got my own.


Blogger heather said...

"Fucking High" and as for the deeler name i inserted tom because that fucker owes u money.lol

12:52 AM  

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