Friday, August 25, 2006

Larry the Cable Guy's Suri Cruise Siting

by Antichrist
Thanks Tony, I'm here with comedian Larry the Cable Guy, who claims to have seen TomKat's baby girl Suri.

Yea, I dun saw the Suri Cruise.

Earlier reports have claimed that she is a beautiful child in full health. What was your opinion, Larry?

I guess she wuz healthy. She didn't seem to be missin any of dem important bones. When I saw her she got a traffic cone on her head though.

Did TomKat also sport these cones?

No m'am. They dun had on those things you put on your tv.


Alright, antennae looked in their window.

So, did this all happen in California?

Yea, I saw dem in the Hollywood. I'm filming a new movie. It's called Larry the Cable Guy: Colon and Rectal Surgeon.

Any final thoughts on Suri Cruise?

Suri Cruise first name dun have all letters that can be found in her last name.

Hmm, well Larry, that observation was very astute.

Yea, sorry I'm about to make another asstute.


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