Saturday, August 19, 2006

At a Flea Market

by Antichrist

How much for the Boba Fett pez?
-Seventy-Five Dorrar
Seventy-Five Dollars?
How much for this Mayor McCheese toy?
Two dollars for this?
You have a seventy-five dollar item on the ground next to a two dollar item, and…they are both marked fifty cents.
-That two. That seventy-five.
I saw this at the next table for five.
-That lie. You lie. Boba Fett ess very rare.
I’ll go over and show you.
-That no Boba Fett pez. That Snuffleupagus.
Well, it’s five. And Boba Fett should be the same.
-Okay, fifty. That good deal. I give you very good deal.
Look they have Luke, and it’s three. They were put out at the same time.
-You buy that then.
Maybe I will, but if that one is three, maybe this one should be a bit cheaper.
-Thirty-five final offer.
+Hey is that a Boba Fett pez? I’ll give you seventy-five dollars for it.
-Sold to thee very smart man in the Git-R-Done shirt.


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