Sunday, August 20, 2006

Let Me See Your Laptop

I’ll only be a minute, I just want to check my e-mail. Thanks. *types*


All spam. Wait, I would like to see Alabama’s hottest singles and the “afbnewudn” at the end of that must mean I won something.

Norton AntiVirus has detected a virus on your computer.
Name: Trojan.Bloodhound.FukupComp
Action: No action was taken.

Shit. X out. X out. Whew. Okay, think.

Yo, it says your computer hasn’t run a virus scan in a month.

Sorry, I already hit it. Yo, you got a virus. Sucks to be you.

I didn’t do anything. Although I think I have a date with one of Alabama’s hottest singles. Yes I’m aware that we’re in Nebraska. Maybe it’s one of those mail-in chicks.


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