Monday, August 21, 2006

Tennis Lesson

What you want to do is find a position that’s comfortable. I’ll hit some to you, and we’ll see how you do.

Okay, that’s good. The next thing I want to teach you is, tennis is like, um…
*Car drives by the court*

Tennis is like driving a car. Once you learn, you never forget. Wait, that’s a bicycle. Oh wait, here we go. Tennis is like driving a car. You have to take out your anger. Alright, now take out your anger. Good, okay, tennis is also like

*Dog runs by chasing a bird*

A dog running by chasing a bird. You don’t want to over-pursue, you want to give up and chase your tail. Which leads me to my next point, that tennis is

*Moon eclipses the sun*

An eclipse. Wow, um. I’ve got nothing.

*Woman starts to play tennis in the next court, displaying the correct technique for a backhand*

Alright, watch her, I’m gonna grab another beer.


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