Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Patchwork Novel: Chapter 3 (Part Two of Two)

by Antichrist
He shook his head in fake disbelief, and smiled at Abigal as he exited the study. It seems this quick exchange would turn into me awkwardly searching for small talk with his daughter that remained. I looked around the room and spotted a model boat. Before I could mention the vessel, Abigal yelled, “Daddy has to get the letter!”

Her overly loud, inside voice made me aware of her presence, or more succinctly, her odor. It seems this was a model of a ship that Abigal, probably close to my age, had spent her time on, or any other housing that kept her from bathing properly. She leaned over to me, filling my nostrils with the stench of cat urine, and whispered, “He’ll be back in a minute.” After adding that comment, she sunk back into the daydream state she seemed accustomed to occupy, twirling her mangy black hair, and picking lint from her convex abdomen. In an effort to divert my gaze from that site, I looked to the floor, seeing that she had in fact not worn socks or shoes. I turned back to the boat, not wanting another second of the yellow and green hooves on display, and was blessed by my eyesight.

Underneath the model boat was a envelope addressed to Jack Caesar. I made two realizations. Firstly, he knew I was going by Caesar, and had preplanned that remark about a following. Secondly, I could leave before he returned, and not have to get acquainted with his daughter.

“Your father has gone on a needless hunt, the letter is right here. I am afraid I am in a bit of a hurry, and will thus take my leave,” I said, giving her the most courtesy she may have ever received. She said something about waiting, and to not go, but I had already escaped from the sight of the beast.


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