Monday, August 28, 2006

Tom Gallagher's Platform

Hello, I'm Tom Gallagher, and I'm running for governor of the great state of Florida. My campaign manager made me bring up stuff like gay marriage and abortions, but I only truly have one focus in this time of war:

Taking Down Adult Billboards

I don't want to explain what these signs mean to my son. Is it because I don't understand them? Not down with the lingo? Don't get the innuendo? The double entendres? Well, I don't. Here are some billboards that will be taken down, along with ones that will stay:

These two horseback riders are obviously brother and sister. I don't want to have to explain incest to my son. Do you? Caus that would save me some trouble.

I'm not sure why the twins from The Shining had their own billboard, but it's coming down.

Kids aren't going to give donations to charity. This is an adult billboard. Peace Easter Seals.

I see nothing wrong with this, it stays.


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