Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Campaign Manager

Did you even look at the notes I gave you? I know you can wing it when needed, but everything was planned! C'mon, don't even try to give me that face.

Alright, pushing that aside, I dug up some dirt on the two other candidates, Janice and Kyle. Kyle's been prone to play with his penis in public, so I'll try to spin that and say that he's not pro-life. As you know Janice never wears shoes, so we'll push the flip-flopper issue.

What do you mean you like Janice?! I've developed you to be a ruthless politician. You can show no weakness. I've lost hours upon hours of sleep strategizing. And you're gonna mess it all up!

Sorry, sorry, that's not my place. Timmy, you're gonna be the best first grade class president since Al Gore*. Do me proud, son.

*In Al Gore's term as first grade class president, he instituted nap time as a way to preserve natural resources.


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Congrats on Best Blog of the Day.

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