Monday, October 02, 2006

A Little Something from Someone New

by the Raconteur Chemist

Do you ever get really muthafuckan pissed off right when you wake up?

If so, and it is clearly so, I have a suggestion:
Use your favorite p2p server, or iTunes, or streaming media site to download this song...
"Waiting for the World to Change"- John Mayer
You may be thinking, fuck that muthafuckan John Mayer, he is a muthafuckan wuss,

Get over yourself, respect music, it's expression. If you don't like the freedom of expression, then move to China or some shit.

Anyway, back to the point.
Ideally, you could have said song play as your alarm, but you may not have the means. If so, just get up out of bed and play it on your computer, or stereo.

Guaranteed, this will make your day bearable, it is scientifically proven to make you smile.
Unless, of course, you have bad karma.

Long Live Antichrist.


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