Friday, October 06, 2006


Damn a day in the life, what a fuckin crazy song, especially on acid man. Seriously, have you ever heard it, if not then please listen, and make sure you take acid man beforehand as it will emphasize the subtle changes in style, or not so subtle. What the fuck is that instrument after the second verse, is it a keyboard or a keyboard on acid man. The beginning strumming is dope, but in the first verse what the fuck he’s singing about a man who blew his mind out in a car, after hearing this the first time I thought he was referring to blowing his nose, cus that’s what I call blowing your nose, I call it blowing your mind out. What’s the deal with mucus anyway, where does it come from and how come it never ends when you have a cold, you could just keep blowing your nose for 23,465 hours and still not remove it all. Back to that song, after it ends what the fuck… there’s just some crazy noises sounds like talking but I’m sure it’s just the Beatles saying random phrases or possibly Paul is dead. Anyway that song is good so listen to it or you won’t know what I’m talking about; it is good though especially on acid man.

some pics:

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Carl's review of The Descent

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Dick Cheney, at an evil board meeting no doubt

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The highly coveted dick shot, thanks go out to Stanley Kubrick

-Minotaur Man


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